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Technique is inseparable from the music. While some pedagogues suggest you will not have ‘music’ until you master the technique first and some say when you know the music well enough the technique will come later, I strongly think that students should work on both pieces and technical studies the same time. I teach my students to be good musicians as well as good instrumentalists. Basic musicianship such as a good sense of rhythm, good ear to find the right pitches, reading clefs, etc, are extremely important for them. I encourage my students to listen to good recordings, as well as going to recitals and orchestra concerts. I help my students develop their own ideas and interpretations in music. This particularly applies to my more advanced students. It is important that they learn to think independently, and solve both technical and musical problems individually. Students always have very creative ideas if you treasure them. I would guide them in putting what they have in mind onto the cello. I want to be friend to my students. It is important that we encourage and support our students like a friend. Way too often student get caught-up with problems losing their confidence. Positive thinking helps them face various challenges with teachers’ support. Also, friends know the personality of each other well. I would like to teach my students according to their individual needs. What works well on one student may not work on another student.From my personal experience, I have the privileges to benefit from some of the most inspiring cello teachers that create who I am today. What I love to do is to share the great things I learned with my students, passing the tradition to the next generation of talents.Click here: contact Ka-Wai Yu for lessons.

Ka-Wai Yu

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My movies and moving pictures: Take a look at some of the best movies of all time ;) These are some of my first practice runs, from Super8 cameras to modern camcorders. These cinematic impressions are from when I got married to my wife Sabine, the birth of our children Thomas and Susanne, and up to our vacation on the Maldives and mountain hikes in the Alps. [Add your own personal extras here]

Fryderyk ChopinCello Sonata in G Minor, Op. 65, III Largo